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Lake City Friends of the Bears is dedicated to the reduction of

bear-human conflict through many educational projects and the use of humane bear deterrents.


We are an all volunteer organization dedicated to our area black bears. We officially registered as a nonprofit corporation on Oct 26, 2012.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.


Some of our projects planned for this year are:

• Bear Proof Trash Cart Program

  135 in the area so far!

• Bear Proof Food Lockers for tent

  camping at Lake San Cristobal

• Lake City School Visit

• Bear Day Event


We rely on donations from our community businesses, residents and visitors. Donations are accepted year round, and are greatly appreciated.

Get Involved

Take a walk around your neighborhood and think like a bear. Are dumpsters unsecured? Did you witness someone feeding a bear or feeding deer?

Email us to set up a Bear Smart audit of your home or business.


July 1, 2021

Bear Day in the Armory!

Armory - 11am-2pm

Join us for our 7th annual Bear Day event! Free event open to kids, adults, bear enthusiasts and anyone who may have questions or concerns about living or vacationing in bear country! 

Plenty of activities for kids of all ages.

Silent Auction & LCFOTB Merchandise.

Colorado Parks & Wildlife booth, and more.

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