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2020 Sponsors

We'd like to thank our sponsors for their generous donations that make our educational programs possible. If you'd like to become a sponsor please visit the donate page.

​Bettley, Steve & Carolyn
Elkhorn Liquors​
Karen McClatchie
Don & Cindy DeLoach VRBOcabin VRBOcondo
Jerry Gray
David & Kay Cherry
Hall Realty
Lake City Bakery
Bill & Ursula Hall
Paradise Property Services
Rene's Garage
Mounataineer Movie Theatre
Becky Leugemors
Gene Brown
Bear & Charles Ferris
Elaine Gray
Hinsdale County Library District


Past Supporters are always appreciated -they helped get us started!

Camille Richard
Gudrun & Beuford Durmon

Lake City Switchbacks

Mean Jeans Coffee

Melinda Mills

Mountain West Insurance

Mountain Enterprises Construction Inc.

Bob & Becky Vickers

Bruce Vierheller

Jerry & Esther Culver

Joan Nelson

Jodi Linsey

Ed & Mary Nettleton

Karen Kramer

Wilma Deen

Jerry & Esther Culver

Anne Barrie & Greg Ochocki

Back Country Navigator
Bill & Teresa Pippin
Herb & Patricia Quick
John & Shelby Bonner

David & Patricia Davidson

David Cherry (Double Gold)

Karen Hurd

Cinda Rabon

Linda Masterson

Mocha Moose Coffee

The Artist Collective

Larry and Linda Iams


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