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Our Projects

Lake City Community School Visit
April 2018

Our fifth annual school visit is being planned for sometime in April. We enjoy presenting to the students new and interesting presentations each year! Parents are always welcome to attend the presentations.
Wildlife Cams

Three trail cams have been placed in the forests high above Lake City. We'll be posting the best of the videos and photos of all the wildlife, not just bears!

Oscar the Bear 

In 2013 Oscar ran the 10k and raised $422. In 2014 Oscar walked the 5k, and came in first place in the male mammal category. He also raised $500 in donations!
Thank you once again to Carol Robinson for her wonderful race day photos. More photos and finish time are here:
Bear Day in the Armory
July 1, 2018


Join us for a day filled with fun, education, and yes, black bears! Not live ones of course, because bears belong in the forests.
Silent Auction
Please consider donating art or an item for our silent auction to be held at the Bear Day in the Park event.
Many different items to bid on. Bear books, art, wildlife quilt from Mary Ann Flynn, and much more!
For the latest information follow us on our facebook page.
Electric Shock Mat - Bear Deterrent
Highly effective in deterring bears, and endorsed by Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
Cost is less than $200 for a 4'x6' mat. All parts can be purchased at Tractor Supply in Gunnison. 
Read more about how easy it is to install a shock mat.
Our shock mat will be used at bear hotspots for 2 week intervals. A waiver releasing liability must be signed.


Bear Proof Cart Lease Program
With generous donations we were able to purchase 95 and 64 gallon all metal Bear Proof trash carts to establish our container lease program! 
The carts are available for lease for $40 a year. A contract must be signed and your payments go towards the purchase of the cart. We also sell the carts at cost + taxes, $345. Please contact us for more information. 
Silver World Newspaper ads
Educational & Informative our 2x3 inch ads are placed weekly in the summer & fall, and as needed in the winter months.
To see and read all the ads we have had published in the paper, please click on the "More" button.
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