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Electric Shock Mat - Bear Deterrent

We were able to buy everything we needed at the ACE Hardware store in Gunnison.

Materials List:

 $49.99   Rubber stall mat comes in 4ft x 6ft by 3/4" thick you will need a truck/van for hauling this

 $79.99   Gallagher "The Wrangler" electric fence energizer

 $34.99   Lawn Fence - 36"x50ft roll 2x3 inch opening galvanized you will have a lot leftover - ours was donated to us 

   $7.99   4ft long copper ground rod

   $1.49   Mini clamp for attaching the insulated ground wire to the copper rod

   $4.49   10amp charging clip to secure "hot" wire from energizer to mesh wire panel (4 in a pack)

   $7.90   Insulated braided or solid copper wire 10 gauge (about 10 ft to go from energizer to fence)

   $4.14   10 gauge bare copper wire (about 6 ft to go from energizer to ground rod) 

   $3.79   3 pack of Warning Electric Fence signs

Total before tax: $194.77

Tools List:

Heavy duty wire cutters for cutting metal fence to size 

Saw to cut rubber mat to size 

Hammer to drive copper ground rod into the earth

Wrench or screwdriver to fasten ground rod clamp and ground wire to ground rod

Assembly Steps:

1.  Cut rubber mat to size. It's big enough that you can make 2 shock mats by cutting it in half.

2.  Cut fence wire panel 1 to 2 inches shorter than rubber mat. You don't want it hanging over.

3.  Place rubber mat where it will be used. Center fence panel on mat. No need to attach it.

4.  Install fence charger per manufacturer's directions. Consideration given to locating your power


5.  Drive ground rod into the earch next to charger. Keep soil around ground rod moist to maximize

    charger effectiveness.

6.  Run the bare copper wire from teh black charger terminal to the ground rod and clamp it.

7.  Run the insulated wire from the red charger terminal to the wire fence panel and attach with the

    alligator clip.

8.  Fasten at least one warning sign directly to wire fence panel.

For the mat to deliver a shock, an animal has to have at least one point of contact with the earth or soil next to the mat. So if a cat or bird landed fully on the mat, no shock would be delivered.

Humans or pets coming in contact with the mat will experience the same brief shock as the bear might. WHile uncomfortable, it is not debilitating and certainly not lethal.

Make sure no branches or vegetation come into contact with the fence panel.

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