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We are now acepting donations for our 2016 Silent Auction to be held at Bear Day in the Park July 1st, 2016.
2013 Art Contest & Silent Auction
2013 Entries:
2013 Event Raised Bear Awareness and $875!!

The first Lake City Friends of the Bears Art Contest is now in the books!

To find out who won click through the slideshow at the left! To view photos of the event and donated items scroll down to the bottom of this page for a gallery of pictures!

We have so many talented artists in this town, young and old! There were a total of 20 entries total. 9 in adult categories and 11 in the children's.
Our 5 judges graded each entry on the following criteria score card on a scale from 1 to 5:

1) Ability to effectively express the theme “We don’t Feed Our Wildlife”

2) Creativity
3) Originality
4) Mastery of chosen medium
5) 5 Bonus points for use of a bear in the art work

Some artists donated their works while others chose to retain ownership, which was understandable considering the efforts of each one.

​We congratuate all the winners for their outstanding efforts, and we thank all the entrants for their beautiful contributions!


Cash prize sponsored by Russ Brown for 1st place Adult Pro $70, 2nd Place Pro $30 

$30 Gift certificate from Silver Lynx for 1st place Adult Amateur

$20 Gift certificate from Back Country Navigator for 1st place 10 to 13 yr

$10 Gift certificate from Lake City Sweets for 1st place 7 to 9 yr

$10 Gift certificate from Lake City Sweets for 1st place 5 to 6 yr

$10 Gift certificate from Lake City Sweets for 1st place under 5 yr

All categories 1st place winners received a bear fishing trophy compliments of The General Store

All kids categories 2nd place winners will receive 1 movie pass from Mountaineer Movie theatre and a special stuffed bear head trophy from The General Store.

All categories will receive 1st, 2nd and 3rd place rosette ribbons


Special Grand Prize to be chosen across all categories will be used as a promotional poster, and will receive custom rosette ribbon, and the book "San Juan Inspirations" a From the High Country Photography book.

A very special thank you to our judges:

Russ Brown, Carol Robinson, Greg Ochocki, Patrice & Craig Palmer

Prizes sponsored by:

Suggestions we gave for parents to inspire younger artists could begin by asking children these questions:

• How can we “not feed our wildlife”?

• Not feeding picnic scraps to chipmunks?
• Latching bear safe trash containers?
• Installing out of reach birdfeeders? 
• Securing chickens with electric fencing?
• Keeping a clean campground?
• Feeding pets inside?

• What is a natural diet for our wildlife?
• What is good for bears & other wildlife to eat?


Black bear eating dandilions for dinner.

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